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Yesterday, the Twitterverse (or more specifically Jeremy Gerard) reported that New York Post theater critic Elisabeth Vincentelli had been let go. Playbill confirmed the report shortly thereafter and noted: “The Post has noticeably reduced its theatre coverage in the last 12 months, ceasing to review every opening as was previous practice.”

Terrible news upon terrible news. Just two days earlier, announced that Deadline had laid off Gerard.

These two venerable critics–Vincentelli and Gerard–were must-reads for anyone interested in theater. Both are smart and fair. On many occasions, their reviews have offered a new measure by which to enjoy and/or rethink a show.

Barely two weeks after the glorious Tony Awards and at the end of a theater season with much success, it’s even harder to imagine less coverage of plays and musicals, the strong backbone of New York City’s culture. But, that’s exactly the world we’re facing.

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