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Equality Is The Hot Button Issue

On the same week that our country celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 Equal Pay Act and two women swept the director prizes at the Tony Awards (only the second time in history), equality and equity for women have made headlines.
laura-linney1Laura Linney, an fantastic actress known for her film and stage work, spoke out about gender inequality in the film business when she received The Crystal Award in Film at the Women in Film LA Awards. She called this persistent problem “unhealthy”. featured a full transcript of her moving speech. You may read it here.
Earlier this week, Frank Bruni wrote about this issue in his op-ed entitled Sexism’s Puzzling Stamina. His prism is the way women have been treated in film, TV, publishing and the military. Of course, theater–where women are afforded only 20% of professional opportunities–faces these same issues as novelist Jonathan Franzen so rightly points out.
And speaking of the theater world, playwright Mike Lew added a beautiful, must read essay to the conversation. His essay was inspired by this year’s fabulous Lilly Awards, which recognize women theater artists for their immense contributions. It’s especially touching and insightful (and also rage-inducing!) to read how differently artistic directors and producers react to him and his wife, who is a playwright.
Now, that the topic of gender inequality is trending, so to speak, it’s time to figure out how to change the percentages and make our world– theater, film, TV, publishing, the military, every sector — more inclusive and diverse. More like the world we actually live in.

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