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Corinne JackerThe New York Times just posted the obituary for playwright Corinne Jacker, who passed away January 11th in New York City. Ms. Jacker is best known for “Bits & Pieces” in 1974 and “Harry Outside” in 1975, both written after she’d turned 40 years old.

While I did not know Ms. Jacker, my Facebook wall is filled with fitting tributes, remembrances and fond memories of an artistic life. RIP Ms. Jacker.
Maria Irene FornesAnd, there is an online petition to support playwright Maria Irene Fornes by moving her closer to New York City and her devoted stable of friends and fellow artists. Over 2,000 people have signed the petition in the past week. That’s no surprise given that Ms. Fornes is cited by many in the theater community as one of their biggest influences, mentors and beacons. Her career has been extraordinary and touched people around the world. She has dealt with the effects of Alzheimer’s for years, and is currently in a nursing home in upstate New York State, far from the people who would routinely visit her. Please take a moment to read the petition and sign it, if you are so moved.


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