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A Girl Wrote It

This just arrived in my inbox, and I wanted to make sure it is on everyone’s radar.  If you’re in New York City February 3 – 20, 2011, you can see A GIRL WROTE IT, an evening of one acts by women playwrights.  To learn more visit Wide Eyed Productions web site.

Wide Eyed Productions
& Horse Trade Theater Group

“A Girl Wrote It”
Performing February 3-20

at The Red Room Theatre on the Lower East Side
(85 East 4th Street btwn 2nd & 3rd Avenues, 3rd Floor)

Thursdays-Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 2pm
(No performance on Sunday, Feb. 6)

A Girl Wrote It is an evening of One-Act plays by women playwrights. Because just 17% of America’s main stage productions are written by women, Wide Eyed attempts to tip the scales and expose eager audiences to more fantastic theatre. A Girl Wrote It is an ambitious evening of 4 dark, dangerous and humorous plays with universal themes. Wide Eyed takes great pride in presenting cohesive, well designed collections, and A Girl Wrote It is sure to please even the most discerning audience. In a review of our last showcase, Martin Denton said it was “a sterling example of how to mount an evening of short plays.”

By Lynda Green
Directed by Jerrod Bogard

A police stand-off is fertile ground for spiritual healing.
A hostage situation turns into a beautiful night in.
Featuring William Reid, Becky Sterling Rygg and Eric Whitten

By Kris Montgomery
Directed by Tim Butterfield

Where do babies come from? In the future they come from screened donors chosen for their I.Q. scores, which sounds like a good idea – unless you’re below the line.
Featuring Tom Carman, Mim Granahan, Anthony Mead, Lucy McRae and Allison Moody*

The Return of Toodles Von Flooz
By Lisa Ferber
Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

“A film noir satire as dark as my third nipple and twice as funny.”- A. Vincent.

Betty O’Boozenberg, the Irish Jew, helps uncover the mystery of Toodles Von Flooz in this bar room morality tale.
Featuring Brianne Mai, Colin McFadden and Lisa Mamazza

Plight of the Apothecary
By Elizabeth Birkenmeier
Directed by Justin Ness

Sexually ambivalent siblings explore the limits of their post apocalyptic reality in this of poetic, mind-bending, dark comedy.
Featuring Andrew Harris, Sean Hefferon, Melissa Johnson, Mike Komala and Kirsta Peterson*

Mistress of Ceremonies – Liz White

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