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Hamlet’s Apocalypse

This weekend, The Dark Lady Players, led by John Hudson, premieres HAMLET’S APOCALYPSE.  Hudson is the man behind the theory that William Shakespeare were actually a woman, Amelia Bassano Lanier.  His theory is one of the few accepted by the Shakespearean Authorship Trust.

Here’s more information on his show.

The PlayGround Development Series at Manhattan Theatre Source presents:

Hamlet’s Apocalypse

Nov 7, 8, 9th at 8pm

from The Dark Lady Players

Is Hamlet really a black comedy? A parody of the Apocalypse and the Book of Revelation?
Is Hamlet really the AntiChrist? Gertrude the Whore of Babylon? Claudius the Beast from the Land? Ophelia the Woman Crowned with the Sun?
How would this transform our understanding of the play?

Tickets are $18 and may be purchased here.

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