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Panel Discussion Tonight

In a few hours, things are going to heat up the Julia Miles Theatre at the Women’s Project. I received this E-mail about a panel discussion about Photograph 51, a play Works by Women is seeing tomorrow.

Photograph 51, a new play currently running at the Ensemble Studio explores the controversial history of the 1950s race to discover the “secret of life”: the structure of DNA. The true story, particularly Rosalind Franklin’s role in what became the greatest scientific breakthrough of the 20th century, remains disputed by scientists and historians alike.

Join EST as a panel of experts, including Nobel Prize winner James Watson, discuss the issues and controversy around Rosalind Franklin and Photograph 51.

Tuesday, November 2 at 7pm

at the Julia Miles Theatre
424 W 55th St., between 9th & 10th Aves

Admission to the event is free, but reservations are essential.

The event will be recorded and podcasted by Scientific American.


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