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This E-mail from IMPROBABLE came into our inbox.  Thought we’d share it with the readers of Works by Women

Improbable’s Devoted and Disgruntled Satellite
Women in Theatre
Hosted by Moira Buffini

10th November 2010, 7 – 10pm
Lower Hall, BAC

Would you like a bigger slice of pie?
Or is that little one enough?

If you know the statistics and find them depressing
If you can’t bear any more moaning
If you’re far too busy with the demands that work and family make on you
If you think you’re bloody lucky to work in the arts at all
If you feel that even the ground floor’s got a glass ceiling
If you never go near events titled Women In Theatre
If you don’t think your penis would be welcome
If you think the new feminist dawn is coming
If you think we should shut up and get on with it
If you feel ripped off and disillusioned
If you’re full of high hopes
If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool activist
Or want a disguise in case your colleagues find out you’ve been
If you think that doors will be open regardless of your gender, race or sexuality
If you think the talent just isn’t out there
If gender politics have never affected you
Or if you have a lurking suspicion that they have
Be an agent of change
Not a changer of agent
If you’re a woman, pack up your penis
If you’re a man, tuck in your womb
And come along to Devoted & Disgruntled
hosted by me, Moira Buffini, playwright, ex-actress, screenwriter, lover of theatre,
purveyor of hackneyed one-liners and all-round lucky cow.
Let’s discuss the pie in all its glory
Then help ourselves to a really big slice.

Full Details 

10th November 2010
7 – 10pm
Lower Hall, BAC
Lavender Hill
SW11 5TN

For directions click here

Devoted and Disgruntled is an opportunity to meet up with artists, arts professionals, and audiences.
D&D Satellite runs using Open Space technology which gives anyone the chance to propose a starting point for discussion,
then take part in one of these conversations, flit between them all, or head to the bar.

This event is free!
For access information contact


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