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Chekhov and Women

This past spring, Works by Women attended the workshop Three Sisters Come and Go, a mash up of Anton Chekhov, Samuel Beckett and the French philosopher Julia Kristeva.  Developed and directed by Orietta Crispino, Three Sisters Come and Go offers an interesting take on the women in Chekhov’s plays. Now the production returns for a 10 performance run at Theaterlab (137 West 14th St., NYC) September 29 – October 10.

As the press release notes:

THREE SISTERS COME AND GO follows the lives of the three archetypal women of Chekhov’s plays read through the lens of Beckett’s comic take on the existential dilemma, and Julia Kristeva’s insight regarding the transformation of despair and loss into joy and acceptance. Bound to living together, each of the sisters is comically obsessed with being the most unhappy of the group.

The evening turned out to be much more hilarious than anticipated.   The production received 4.5 stars (out of five) from our member attendees.  We weren’t the only ones bullish on the show.

Sarah V. Schweig of The Happiest Medium exclaimed, “The seamless acting of Liza Cassidy, Claire Helene and Jackie Lowe…succeeded in being at once characters and caricatures of their characters.  One moment they’d have you sympathizing with their deepest sorrows, and the next moment they’d laugh off their own despair, and you’d laugh it off with them. …surprisingly emotionally resonant.”

For tickets and more info, click here.


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