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A House Full of Dust

Our Meetup group sees between two and six shows written, directed and/or designed by women in New York City per month.  To learn how to join the group and how to submit your show, click here.

In the meantime, we will shine a spotlight on some shows that we are unable to see as a group.  In this post, we have A HOUSE FULL OF DUST by Bella Poynton.  We’ve included the press release below.

‘A House Full of Dust’ by Bella Poynton, is a 21st century ghost story,

opens August 10, produced by the Wings Theater

August 10 to 29
Wings Theater, 154 Christopher Street
$20 regular, $15 for students. Ticketing  212-627-2961
Buy Tickets Online at
8pm Tues,Wed, Sun,  Matinees 2pm Saturdays

‘A House Full of Dust’ is the story of one family’s struggle with their past and the ghosts that refuse to leave them. It raises questions about death, morality, and the nature of forgiveness.

Set on the American frontier in the early 20th Century, ‘A House Full of Dust’ tells the story of a family struggling to understand the ghosts who reside in their home: Gretta, the housewife who can’t help but see them, Ramsey, the husband who refuses to believe her, RJ, their son who will do anything to save his mother, and Christine the lonely ghost who wants nothing more than a friend. Each member of the Cleves family benefits and suffers alike from the intersession of the ghosts, and the family must decide whether or not they can move forward together, even in the face of the unknown.

Written by playwright Bella Poynton, it is directed by Amanda Thompson, and  features actors Oakley Boycott, Lars Drew, Alejandra Escalante, Renee Petrofes, George Saulnier, Jordan Tierney, and Jim Staudt. The play was first produced at Boston University Theatre Lab, and was then produced at the New Phoenix Theater Buffalo, and at Roy Arias Studios directed by Anthony Laura.


One comment on “A House Full of Dust

  1. John Hudson
    August 11, 2010

    As artistic director of a small experimental Shakespeare company I rarely see modern work, but I just came back from the first night of A House Full of Dust, a sensitive, poignant piece of modern theater examining profound issues of meaning and memory. It could well become a modern classic.

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