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The Big House

“This is art giving people tools with which they can change their lives and head in new directions.” — Kate Powers, 2AMt blog

Here’s a special shout out to Kate Powers’ amazing post on the 2AMt blog.  I’ve just become a fan of the blog, and Kate surely has won me over.

Kate volunteers with  Rehabilitation Through Arts, an arts in prisons program begun by Katherine Vockins nearly 15 years ago, at Sing Sing prison.  The program has since branched out to four other facilities in New York state. The prisoners have performed work by Suzan-Lori Parks, Sophocles, Shakespeare, and August Wilson.

Check out what else Kate has to say about the program and its impact here.  Just another fine example of women making a difference in the world through theater.


One comment on “The Big House

  1. Kate Powers
    July 30, 2010

    Thanks for the encouraging words!

    Just had last class of the summer at Sing Sing last night (we’ll resume in mid-September). Men were full of praise for the class, but best part of the discussion was all the ways in which they have taken directorial concepts and applied them to the rest of their lives. How useful the communication skills can be when working in a support group, how they have learned a greater tolerance for different points of view through the work we’ve done, how they think it has made them better collaborators, how they are watching film and tv with a more critical eye. Yay!

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