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All’s well in Sweden

I came across this interesting article in the New York Times about paternity leave in Sweden.  Since 1995 when new legislation was introduced, more than 80% of fathers take leave when their children are born.  In Sweden, parents are given 390 paid hours to use however they wish until the child’s eighth birthday, and fathers are using a considerable amount of them.

There were two things that struck me most in the article.  First, that divorce rates have declined in Sweden while going up around the world.  Also:

…the daddy months have left their mark. A study published by the Swedish Institute of Labor Market Policy Evaluation in March showed, for instance, that a mother’s future earnings increase on average 7 percent for every month the father takes leave.

That’s interesting — women’s future earnings are on the rise. We are all linked economically and ecologically.  Looking at 50/50 in 2020 and the work of women in theater and other professions requires a holistic approach, one that takes into account varying market factors and different social issues.  And men.  It’s been said ‘no man is an island.’  The same can be said about women too.  No island indeed.  Life is a push and pull, a give and take process that when equal for both genders can benefit society and pocketbooks.

I see this article and others like it as jumping off points, ways and means of generating discussion and bringing about change.

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